The College Girl

serious ethnic young woman using laptop at home
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The college girl’s cry

comes late at night.

When no one’s around

and there are no lights.

With nothing but her phone,

she’s all alone,

but it’s 2 a.m. so no one’s on

and no one answers

the questions that run rampant.

Will I get through this?

Is this really for me?

God, am I becoming all you want me to be?

She falls asleep with ears full of tears,

only to wake to a throbbing head.

It’s time to repeat yesterday again.

To the world, she appears fresh-faced and new

but if only they knew

all the shit she’d been through.

Today she lost a fresh pack of Camel Crush,

and she’s falling for a guy she hates so much.

He’s the bad boy type,

who’s had a brush with the legal system

and speaking of that, her dad’s in prison.

The love and hate of everything,

The going through the motions,

Nothing has real meaning.

Her bags hold issues of abandonment,

her favorite lip gloss, and books,

but seldom does anyone stop to look

and see what could be beyond the perfect persona, the perfect life.

‘Cause what looks perfect has to be…well, perfect, right?

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