Boundaries to Set to Survive the Holidays

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The holidays can be triggering for the most neurotypical people, so if you struggle with a mental health condition you know how challenging this time of year can be. From funny finances to facing off with family members that you are less than friendly with at awkward dinners and celebrations, it can be stressful, to say the least. I happen to love this time of year, but nevertheless, I have fallen victim to the struggles that come with it— missing deceased loved ones and juggling the demands of life plus the holiday season. Here are three boundaries I’ve decided to set in order to survive this holiday season:

Financial boundaries.

Setting boundaries can make or break any season, but especially the holiday season. The holidays are a time of honor and celebration. Don’t ruin it for yourself by overspending which may lead to a financial bind later. Suggest that your family or friend circle pick names so that no one feels obligated to buy multiple gifts. If you have a significant other, set a price limit for gifts. Financial boundaries are necessary and can be the difference between going happily into the new year and being financially prepared or setting yourself up for a financially challenging year.

Mental and emotional boundaries.

Relationships are often complicated—even our relationships with the ones we cherish the most. The holidays are often times in which tensions rise and create conflict between friends, family and loved ones. For me personally, I enjoy spending time with those I don’t typically see throughout the year, but it can also be overwhelming. From multiple conversations all going on simultaneously to the overload of carbs which results in the immediate need for a nap, the holidays are draining. It’s easy to overextend yourself by committing to attending every gathering you are invited to. Save yourself from burnout by only taking on what you know you can handle.

Show boundless gratitude.

As many of you know, I lost a very important figure in my life back in September, my grandfather. Last holiday season we had no idea that he wouldn’t be with us this year, so this holiday season I am grateful. I’m grateful for the impact he made on myself and others and all the memories we have. In remembrance of not only his life and the values he embodied, but the close of a phenomenal year, I am going to take time to be more present with those around me. The holidays are a time of reflection of the year passing and preparation for the year to come and in reflecting on all that I overcame and accomplished this year, I am preparing for the many miracles and blessings that 2020 will bring!


Happy Holidays from Kontently Kara!